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About the Cornish Rex



The Cornish Rex has a sweet, gentle, and extremely loving personality. They are highly social cats, not at all reserved, liking to be right in the middle of everything and thrive on attention. They are extremely intelligent, very acrobatic, and retain their kitten-like personalities throughout their adult life. They are a very lively, energetic breed that loves to play and will entertain themselves for hours. One of their favorite games is Fetch, retrieving toys like a dog, even if no one is available, which makes them so much like the Peterbald cat...they will even throw the toy for themselves with their little paws that they use like hands. Cornish Rex love attention and make wonderful pets. The Cornish is de nitely a lap cat, they get along well with other animals and make an ideal children’s pet. They are usually quiet, but can express themselves quite well with a pat on the cheek, or a kiss on the cheek. Cornish being very social love to have another pet in the home if the family is gone for long periods of time, two are always more fun anyway:)

They are a natural breed originating from a mutation rst recognized in England. Often referred to as the Greyhound of the cat world because of their long legged body complete with tuck-up, the Cornish Rex is easily recognizable by its wavy coat. These curls go from their eyebrows to their whiskers and all over their body. There is NO hypo-allergenic cat, but the Cornish is considered a good choice for people with allergies as they do not seem to aggravate them as much as other cats. They have a micro ne coat and do not shed as often or as much as other cats. Their large tall ears and soft, big oval eyes blend into their egg-shaped head giving them a wonderfully expressive appearance. The Cornish Breed is a wonderfully smart, engaging, playful, extremely loving, gentle breed.

The Cornish Rex has a racy slender, body which stands tall on its legs. The Cornish Cat appears ne boned and elegant, they are actually hard bodied and muscular with an elegant dainty appearance. They have a natural arch to their back that matches a tuck-up to their waist that ows into a long tapering tail. The Cornish have dainty oval paws and tend to walk high on their nimble toes. Their head is often said to look like an egg on its side with high cheekbones. They have tall ears that sit high on their head, but not so high as to give it a donkey-like look. Cornish Rex have oval expressive eyes with a slight upward slant and a roman nose.


Their most unique feature of the Cornish Rex is their coat. Unlike most cats, Cornish coats do not have guard hairs and the hair lays in marcel waves that can be tight or loose–they are often compared to a washboard in appearance and to Chenille in touch with its incredibly soft and silky texture known as the softest cat. The curls even extend to their whiskers, which tend to be short and curly. Females, on an average, weigh 5-7 pounds while males weigh 8-10 pounds. They come in all colors and patterns from pointed to solid to tabbies, with or without white. They are warmer to the touch and have a slightly higher than normal temperature than the average cat. Keeping warm and active is why the Cornish like the Peterbald cat’s eat more than other felines.


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