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About Us

We take great pride in our Russian Peterbald & Cornish Rex kid's and look forward to sharing them with you. Please make yourself at home, check out the Catwalk, see what new friends we have available, and enjoy your stay! All of our kittens are Vet Approved before leaving our home. All kittens will be altered prior to leaving! All of our kittens are TICA registered. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, I will answer your email promptly. 


Peterbalds and Cornish Rex cats require undivided attention. These cats cannot be left on their own, they NEED their human entertainers. They are ideal companions and get along famously with each other and other cat AND dog breeds. We believe our cat's speak dog’. They will walk on a leash without any training to do so and they will come running when you call them by name. These little gems also play fetch and love games of hide-and-seek. The PeterBald's and Cornish have ‘bat wings’, and when jumping in to the air to ‘catch’, they have a moment of air-borne suspension which is spectacular.


Is it a dog? Is it a monkey? Is it a bat? No…It’s a very special breed of cat. Perhaps even the rarest pedigreed cat breed in the World: The PeterBald.

These fantastical little creatures will steal your heart when they dart to you side, hold your face in their slender front paws and give you a head butt and non-stop purrs. The PeterBald and Cornish is the ultimate attention-seeker. They crave cuddles and kisses and will not stop until they have your undivided attention and affection. Mischievous and comical, the Peterbald and the Cornish are forever faithful to their owners, and possibly anyone who gives them that craved belly tickle.

So very like the Oriental and Siamese breeds, the Peterbald and Rex forms strong bonds with its humans. Their own somewhat ‘human’ personalities will draw you in and offer you endless hours of amusement and affection. Rivaling the temperament of the ever-popular Siamese, once you have an encounter with one of these wonderful creatures, you will never want to be owned by anything else! They will adore you and you will find them simply irresistible. They will want to dine with you, sleep with you and wait at the door for your much anticipated return.

You will never be lonely with a Peterbald or a Cornish Rex in your life, we believe they are the best of the best!

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