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  • Health Record

  • Health Guarantee

  • Vet Approval

  • Vaccinations

  • Spay/Neuter

  • FELV/FIV testing

  • Pedigree 

  • TICA Registration

  • Baby Supplies

Kitten's travel only in cabin when flying to their new home now.

We are also willing to meet with families on their travels to pick up their baby. 


This is a general price guide for my kittens.

If you dream of owning a Peterbald baby but need special considerations, email me and I will try to help in any way that I can.

All kittens will be current on vaccinations, TICA Registered, and vet approved prior to leaving our home.

Prices quoted are for Pet Kittens only and these kittens are always altered before leaving our home.

"Bald , Chamois"

$1900.OO - $25OO.OO

These cats may have no eyelashes or whiskers.
They are also called smooth bald because they are smooth all over and extremely warm to the touch

 "Flock, Velour, Brush"


"Straight Coat



"Cornish Rex"



Straight-Coated Peterbalds do not have the hair loss gene and have short, close-lying coats and normal, straight whiskers.  These kittens will lack the undercoat of a regular coated kitten.


  $1600.00 - $2,100.00

The coat types of these kittens vary.

They can be a smooth fuzz only on

their points (ears, nose, paws, tail)

these kittens are warm and

feel like 

silk to the touch.  Other kittens may have a close lying coarse micro-coat all over.

PeterBald cat are fascinating! The are the only cat that can undress


*Babies will fly in cabin only with new parent or courier. I will always meet up with someone on their travels to pick up baby.  I may not be able to meet halfway depending on roundtrip travel time but I certainly will try.  I appreciate the time it takes to pick up babies.  

Due to Covid concerns, I am no longer allowing in home visitations or baby pick up.  I would love to show off the babies but this is currently not possible. I will try my best to keep new parents updated on the progress of each baby and fresh photos as often as I can.  I understand and appreciate that this may not be for every one. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  


*Prices quoted above apply to PET kittens only.  Breeder and/or Show prices are significantly higher and based on kittens individually.  This will vary depending on coat type and overall confirmation

*I try to work with anyone who dreams of owning a Peterbald baby. I will also work with someone on payment plans and and can accept payments through PayPal or Venmo, babies can then leave when payment schedule is completed. So, if I can help, pease do not hesitate to ask. 

*We are a very small cattery but we do occasionally have to retire one of our Peterbalds. So if owning a young adult sounds fun, let me know so I can update you when one of ours becomes available.


Deposit amount is typically $350.00 it can be sent via PayPal, MoneyGram or by check.

Final Payments to be sent via PayPal, Venmo or MoneyGram . (Please No Checks)

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