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There are hundred of cat toys on the market today as well as lots of low – and no- cost toys you can make yourself. Cats get bored. Have a good variety of toys, but alternate which ones you leave out.

However, even the best cat toy won’t get your cat active without you. Cats like interaction. Although the toy is part of that, having a playmate will double his/her interest and the time she spends exercising.

They can play various games that will keep them on the move and in shape. It doesn’t take much effort on your part.

For example:

Toss a small ball, a was of paper or a piece of food across the floor for your cat to run after.




Play tag! Romp with your cat across the floor or up the stairs. Many cats love to play hide and stalk. You can take turns being prey and the predator.

You can make cat toys out of stuff around the house:

  • Empty paper sacks

  • Empty cardboard boxes

  • Crumpled paper

  • Ping-pong or golf ball

  • Empty spool

  • Flashlight (shine the light on the floor for your cat to chase)

  • Children’s soap bubbles (blow in the air for your cat to catch)

When you’re done playing, pick up items so your cat doesn’t accidentally swallow something. Consider adding a cat tree for jumping and climbing. Your pet will get exercise even when you’re gone. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day of play can keep your cat in shape, while strengthening the bond between you.

Children also make wonderful playmates with a few restrictions. Kids younger than q12 should be supervised. Teach them to play gently used cat toy, never their bare hands, and to stop playing when their pet becomes tired or over-stimulated.




The first thing to do, while buying a cat house, is to consider the specific needs of the pet as well as the conditions surrounding it. Check the space available for installing the cat house in your yard. Note the weather conditions prevalent at your premises. This will decide the material that would prove perfect for the cat house.

Sturdiness and durability are the two factors that decide the price of a cat house. Generally, the more durable and sturdy the house is, the most costly will it be. For example, wooden cat houses are a bit costlier than their plastic counterparts, due to their sturdiness.

Another factor you should consider is the portability of the cat house. In case you want to clean the cat house daily, then choose the one that is light in weight. For instance, the cat houses made from recycled plastics would be lighter than the wooden ones.

Cat houses are available in several sizes. Be sure to choose the size that is perfect fir for your pet, while allowing enough room for sleeping and feeding as well, because different breeds of cats differ in their sizes.

Many cat houses are designed to suit specific needs of the pet. For instance, some are found with bedding installed in them, while others come with optional weatherproofing and insulation inserts. Those with electric heating pads would be the best bet for elderly cats or nursing cats. Cat house with several ‘bedrooms’ or stories in it is best suited, if you have more than one cat to accommodate. Be sure to revived separate bedding for each of the cats in the shelter. Apart from the pet stores in your locality, you may get numerous options for different kinds of shelters for cats online. Choose a cat house that is designed to match the architecture of your home, in case you are very particular of the decor of your home. So, you may take flight of fancy and purchase the perfect cat house for your kitty online.




cats can, indeed, her trained to walk with a leash, the peterbald was made for it. Sometimes, walking outdoors is especially good for apartment-bound pets. It gives them room to stretch their legs. It’s also an excellent way for owners and their felines to spend time together.

Getting your cat used to walking on a leash may take time, patience and the right equipment. The process will be easier if you follow these tips:

  • Be sure that your cats harness is secure and fits properly

  • Make sure she’s wearing an up-to-date identification tag

  • Before venturing outdoors, map out a route. Select an area for strolling that’s free from dogs, traffic, loud noises and other dangers

Do some preparation before you take your kitty on a journey. There are some handy tops that would be useful for you:

  • Before you take her/him to any journey, arrange a crate or fabric containment to carry your cat. Your cat will feel secure and sheltered in these containers

  • It might be a good idea to do a trial run to judge your cats behavior. If your cat is ultra-reluctant, take it slow but be committed to it. They will more than likely enjoy it but have to showed that it’s all good first.

  • Make sure you tag your cat with an identity card or other means of identification to assure her safety.

  • Do not also let him/her loose




Never leave kitty alone in a locked car.

Generally cats can suffer from motion sickness. You will have to customize her of traveling which will help her get desensitized from this traveling method. You can give her gradual training by making her sit in the car first of all with the engine off, then with the engine on, after she gets used to it, take her on short trips, you can finally take her on a cross country trip.

Make sure your cat has taken a meal three hours before you set off on any journey. After that you must feed your nauseaus cat with anti-motion sickness medications to avoid hassle during the journey.

If you are traveling alone with your cat, always buckle her up with the seat belt to avoid any unpleasant incident.

Make sure that your cat does not have any access to the driver side floor neat the brake and gas pedals.

Also make sure that your cars dashboard is our of her bounds for safety sake.



Two cats can be better than one!

Two cats can be a great way to meet many of your kitties needs and also our for more kitty loving. Sometimes the best exercise comes from a fellow cat. Cats who are left alone during the day can benefit greatly from a companion kitty. Two cats will amuse themselves for hours playing games of their own invention. Older, more sedate cats can be jump-started into exercise with the addition of a kitten to the household.

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